About Bright @EU


Project aims

BRIGHT@EU will provide the European educational landscape with an innovative non-academic basic legal training

It will enable future participants

  • To develop innovative online platform focused on law skills for adults
  • To develop training course for trainers/teachers
  • To develop e-book with the intercultural competences
  • To verify the whole educational platform by 20 participants
  • To disseminate all outputs to the target groups





BRIGHT@EU will provide the users with the practical legal skills to have necessary information for going abroad

Main benefits

  • To have Basic knowledge of EU law and national laws (legal literacy in EU)
  • To support employment abroad
  • To help with expanding the business abroad











Target group

BRIGHT@EU is useful for everyone who wants to know the basic information about EU law and national Spanish, Cyprian, German and Czech laws

Who is the main beneficiary

  • Individuals
    • Young adults going abroad (study, job, marriage etc.)
    • Young professionals expanding their business abroad
    • Refugees
    • Trainers/teachers for adult education
  • Institutions
    • Adult education institutions
    • NGOs
    • National employment offices
    • VET bodies, universities